My name is Dave Powell and I'm a visual and UX designer with a simple task, make it work. That might be an oversimplification of the many details that go into a quality project, but it all comes down to balancing 3 crucial ingredients that show experience in this field. For more on my thoughts about what constitutes a good design and my process, you can read more here.

Please, take a look around and check out some of my work below and learn a little about the guy who did the work.

Most importantly, thank you for stopping by!


As a designer I'm tasked with making something work, it's that simple. The details and nuances of how I got there are topics I can spend hours discussing with those in the field, but for a general audience it really comes down to 3 crucial components.

The design must:

  • Look good.
  • Function well.
  • Be memorable.

Below are the broad strokes to how I approach every project. Though each project is a unique challenge, these are the building blocks of how to hit those 3 components.

If you're consistent in your approach, you'll be consistent in your results.


I’m a SCAD graduate from 2001 that has evolved with the digital landscape for more than 16 years as a working professional. I believe that design is a process, well thought out at the start, to ensure quality in the end. By balancing the visual with the technical and always keeping the user in mind throughout the process a quality product is just around the corner.

Got any questions for me? Start up a conversation and see where I can fit within your next project.

Dave Powell