TSS Photography

Solutions Architect - Graphic Design - Creative Management

A small sampling of my work over the many years I spent at TSS Photography. Ranging from web concepts, print design, variable data product builds, and the numerous technical changes within the company that don't really show as portfolio items. Simply put, I have too many things to show from this company, but this should give you a quick glance at some of relevant design projects.

Above is the design for the 25th anniversary re-launch of the company website. Branding of the company monthly newsletter, “The Focus”. Holiday email campaign that linked into our branded holiday card ordering site. The TSS President’s Club panel brochure for the 2010 trip to Jamaica, rewards for those who made it to the top rung of sales for TSS. And a print advertisement that ran in Babe Ruth Magazine to promote TSS.

Next is a magazine cover product developed for the Atlanta Braves. Similar MLB licensing work was also developed for Florida Marlins. Then a poster for the 25th anniversary promotions, used on site during picture day events. On the right we have a holiday flyer promoting our greeting cards and ornaments.

In the final panel we have a web banner rollover (before/after) from the history page of the TSS company website. In the middle we have a sports picture day announcement poster. These were posted in schools and other public locations to make parents aware of the upcoming event. And on the right, a 3 panel brochure for golf events. This was developed as a side business, catering to high end corporate clientele. Also the TSS President’s Club logo can be found in the top right. It represented the top franchisees in the network for sales.

I worked my way up in this company over the better part of a decade, and in that time I learned more about business culture and how it impacted the design space than anything else. From developing brands for numerous spin-off companies, getting involved in web design at a corporate level, and working with a wide range of business partners; I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. It's given me the insight to stay relevant today and in the years to come in a way that I find most designers have yet to experience first hand.