City of Decatur

Event Promotion

Decatur is probably best described as an eastern area of Atlanta that is one of those great places to live. Always an event, festival, or something going on. So, during the two years I spent living there I offered up my services to promote these events.

Above was my entry into the logo design contest for the Decatur Craft Beer Festival. Went the vintage route with this one, fits the neighborhood vibe in Decatur pretty well I thought. 100% vector content, learned a few neat tricks making that bottle cap too. (Object blending in Illustrator is some powerful stuff.)

Next is a little something I whipped up for the City of Decatur to help promote their annual 4th of July festivities. Fun and playful project for me considering it was start to finish in just a few hours. Tied in the town square a bit by building the gazebo in the square at the bottom. All vector work done in Illustrator.

No contest or contract on this one, just felt like doing something all patriotic and saw if they could use it. Posters were printed up and placed around town, the design also got used on a few handouts and other items during the parade and concert too.

Looking back on this one, it has another layer of importance to me as well. The gazebo at the bottom is where I proposed to my fiancée just 2 years later!